Monday, July 20, 2009

"Dorm Life"

So I've recently discovered this new show on hulu called "Dorm Life" that I think is amazing. I feel like the things they go through in the show is (almost) exactly what I went through this past year of college, which leads me to believe that all dorm experiences are the same!
Although my RA was not at all a jerk like "Marshall" and we didn't have girl on girl smack downs in the halls... oh wait never mind there was that one time I almost strangled the girl from across the hall- but still most of the general events are the same!
I remember everyone being so excited for the rush parties and just parties in general, the all nighters, game nights, and the mysterious smells that you could not figure out what the hell they were much less where they were coming from!
I think the creators of "Dorm Life" have done an amazing job with this project because in less than 5 minutes per episode, they manage to capture the essence of college life!

"Dorm Life"

Oh how I miss dorm life...


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