Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summertime girls

Last week, I went to the Santa Monica Promenade with the Best Friend and BF's Ice Skater friend. It was my first time there and I was stunned by how beautiful it was!

For the most part we had fun walking around and sightseeing. Not to mention, proving right the stereotype that valley girls and notorious spenders! I think we were trying to, single handedly, bring the economy out of its depression!

I don't quite understand what was the deal with all the dinosaur themed shrubbery, but at least it was something interesting to look at!

What made it even more interesting was Ice Skater's massive phobia of birds! Of course, it being SoCal and right next to the beach, the place was swamped with fat little pigeons and Seagulls. It was actually somewhat fun to chase away the birds! Like trying to recapture the days of your childhood when you went to the part and chased the birds for the heck of it.

Of course some of these birds were down right stupid and flew right into your face! It happened once to me and once to BF. This did not help ease the IS's fear

Oh Dear, and then there was this guy
<--- the shinny metalic one
who started making odd ticking noises like a robot and following us around. Being the lovely best friend that she is, BF started walking away very fast, leaving a very scared me there to pretend to be a tourist and not speak English!

I think my Russian accent sounded more like Indian!

Note to self: try to improve fake accents!


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